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Which Type of Appetizers to Make

There are so many easy party appetizers that it can be hard deciding which to make. Should you make a cold appetizer recipe or would hot appetizer recipes suit the occasion better? Are there any shrimp appetizers or other seafood appetizers that your guests would like? Should you make traditional holiday appetizer recipes or try something unusual and exotic?

Deciding which appetizers to make is partly about matching the food to the company you are going to have and partly about being creative. You will already know roughly how many people are coming to the event and you will also know what kind of cooking ability you have. If you are completely new to catering you might want to make some easy make ahead appetizers or a simple three or four ingredient cold appetizer recipe or two.

There are so many easy party appetizers to choose from that the sheer variety can make your decision difficult. If this is the case, why not just pick something you like the look of? Whether you fancy making crudités with dips, an Italian salad, a hot sausage appetizer or some delicious seafood appetizers, take care to follow the recipe and present the food nicely and it is sure to be a success.

How Many Different Appetizers to Make

If you are having a sit-down dinner you might want to serve one appetizer. If you are catering for a buffet or cocktail party, you might need to make ten different things.

With cocktail parties, it is a good idea to have little bowls of cheese cubes, olives, nuts, and pretzels around the room for people to nibble on. If you have a big crowd it might be difficult to get to the buffet table and you cannot get to everybody with a loaded tray of appetizers. The nibbles will keep them happy until the other appetizers are within reach.

The better you plan the event beforehand, the more stress-free the preparations will be. If you find some tasty make ahead appetizer recipes and get everything done three hours before anyone arrives you can relax! Planning is key and we cannot repeat this enough! Do not start wondering which appetizers to make six hours before all your guests arrive. At least have some idea a day or two before so you can buy the necessary ingredients.

Other Handy Tips

Cooking Tips for Perfect Appetizer RecipesWhether you are having a cocktail party, a buffet or a sit-down dinner, the most important thing is that your guests feel happy and comfortable. This means looking after them and making sure they have what they need to enjoy their appetizers, as well as the rest of their meal.

If you are serving something a bit oily like bacon-wrapped dates or sautéed shrimps, it is a good idea to put a toothpick in each one if you are passing trays around or having a buffet. Obviously if you are doing a sit-down meal, your guests can use their cutlery. Make sure your guests have napkins too.

If the food is very hot, warn the guests before they pop the whole thing in their mouth or, better still, let it cool down a bit first. Easy party appetizers are simple to make and it is the presentation that finishes them off perfectly and makes them look, as well as taste, incredible.

Cooking Tips for Perfect Appetizer Recipes

A basic knowledge of cooking well serve you well when making party appetizer recipes and many recipes for appetizers are so easy that even beginner cooks can make them. Whether you are going to make a cold appetizer recipe or hot appetizer recipes, you can find lots of appetizer cooking tips to help you on our Appetizer Cooking Tips page. Even the fanciest appetizer recipes can be made with ease, once you learn a few cooking tricks. Appetizers differ from entrees in that presentation is as important as flavor.

An appetizer should look good as well as taste good, because these nibbles should be tempting to your guests. Combining colors and flavors, estimating portion sizes, adding new, exotic flavors to traditional, time-tested appetizer recipes, and choosing the best appetizer recipes to make are all part of learning how to match the right appetizers to your guests.

Whether you want to make stunning looking seafood appetizers, hot vegetable dip recipes, a refrigerator full of make ahead appetizers, or a selection of impressive, fancy appetizer recipes, we have everything you need, to help you every step of the way. From choosing your appetizer recipes, making them step by step, and presenting them attractively with the right garnishes, we have everything covered.


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