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Types of Freeze Ahead Appetizers

When you are catering for a party or event, you are not going to want to make lots of appetizers all at the same time. If you are expecting a hundred guests, you can only imagine how chaotic the kitchen would be, making everything just before they arrive! What about if you are expecting fifty guests and you end up with seventy? Having some frozen appetizers, which you can thaw out can save the party.

For this very reason, make ahead appetizers and freeze ahead appetizers are something that every smart cook knows about. A make ahead appetizer is an appetizer than you make several hours before the event, or even a day or so before, depending what it is. Freeze ahead appetizers are those you make and freeze, and then thaw out when they are needed.

Obviously not every appetizer recipe can be made in advance and not all ingredients freeze well, but there are plenty of freeze ahead appetizers you can choose from and none of your guests will know they were frozen.

Simple Frozen Soup

A lot of soups freeze well, if you want to serve soup as an appetizer at a sit-down dinner. The advantage to making freeze ahead soup is that you can make as much as you want (depending on freezer space, of course) because it keeps for weeks in the freezer and you can thaw portions for yourself or your family to enjoy at any time.

If your soup recipe contains potatoes, cream or anything else that does not freeze well, you can add these ingredients when you thaw and reheat it. Write these instructions on the container, as well as the date you made it. Sometimes you might want to make a batch of soup with a seasonal ingredient, freeze it, and thaw it later in the year when the ingredient is no longer available.

The Best Frozen Appetizers

Cream puffs freeze nicely. If you want to freeze them, make up the dough and freeze that. Then you simply have to defrost the dough and bake the individual cream puffs. Meatballs, mini cheesecakes and quiches, savory shortbread, mini seafood or vegetable tarts, some kinds of pate, homemade sausage rolls and more all freeze well. It is important to write on the container what you are freezing, the date you made them and the reheating or baking instructions.

Some frozen appetizers might be a cold appetizer recipe, in which case you simply thaw them overnight in the refrigerator. Others might be hot appetizer recipes and you will need to bake these.

If you are making holiday appetizer recipes, you might be guessing how many people are going to show up over the festive season. Freeze ahead appetizers are great for when you have unexpected guests because you can simply pop the appetizers into the oven and delight everyone with a little snack.

Freeze Ahead Dip Recipes

Some dip recipes, especially vegetable ones, freeze really well. If you have a big party, you might want to make a batch of vegetable dip and serve a third or half of it. You will have the rest in the refrigerator in case it is needed and you can easily freeze it for the next party if it is not used. There is no point serving all the dip at once because once it has been sitting about for hours, you have to throw it out.

You can freeze no-cook appetizers, partly cooked appetizers or cooked appetizers and having a big freezer, or at least one capable of holding a good selection of freeze ahead appetizers, is a really handy thing to have when you are expecting company.


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