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Top Tips for the Best Appetizers

One of the most important things about making appetizers is the presentation. Appetizers are supposed to look appetizing (hence the name!) Even if you are going to serve a simple appetizer, like stalks of celery with a homemade dip, you can serve it in style. Chop all the stalks of celery the same length and arrange them in a circle around the bowl of dip.

Garnish the dip with some fresh leaves of mint or basil and you have a stunning-looking dip, which took perhaps five minutes to make. A lot of dips only have three or four ingredients and you just need to stir the ingredients together. If you make easy party appetizers, that gives you a few extra precious minutes to work on the presentation.

Hot Appetizers – Timing is Everything

If you are serving hot appetizer recipes, it is important to get the timing right. A cold appetizer recipe will be fine in the refrigerator until you want to serve it but if your appetizer needs to cook for ten minutes then be served hot, don’t make it before it is needed. If you are expecting twenty guests and four arrive early, get the chips, dips, and olives out but wait until a few more guests are starting to show up before cooking the hot appetizers.

Another common sense tip for hot appetizer recipes is that they are not supposed to be hot. Hot appetizers are supposed to be warm, not steaming hot. If you serve piping hot finger food straight from the oven, you can imagine what will happen when a guest pops the whole thing in his mouth! Give your hot appetizers ten or fifteen minutes to cool down a bit before serving them.


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