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How to Make Memorable Appetizers

There is a lot to be said for sticking to classic appetizer recipes. Everyone loves chips, olives, cheese, chicken wings and cold cuts after all, don’t they? Even though this might seem like the safe route to take when planning easy party appetizers, it is fun to create memorable appetizers too.

Obviously, you want your appetizers to be memorable for all the right reasons, not because one of your guests suffered third degree burns when biting into a piping hot appetizer or stained his shirt with a messy red dip because you forgot to provide napkins!

Ingredients and Presentation

An appetizer might be memorable because of the way it is presented, the fine ingredients you have used to make it or because you are serving an interesting mixture of classic appetizers and exciting exotic ones.

How to Make Memorable AppetizersIf you get the ingredients right and the presentation right, your appetizers are going to be a resounding success. Choose easy party appetizers and plan what you are going to make in plenty of time. This means you have time to assemble your ingredients and create the appetizers.

Quality and Quantity

Running out of appetizers is never a good idea so make sure you have plenty. A lot of appetizers can also be enjoyed the following day if you have leftovers. Maybe you just want to make two or three kinds of appetizers and this is fine, so long as you follow the recipes carefully and present them in an attractive way.

If you are not sure how many people you will be catering for, you can have nuts, bread, cheese, and olives on standby and get these out if you do not think you have enough appetizers. Hungry people will snack on any tasty-looking food you leave around them.

Adding A Personal Touch

If you are taking the trouble to make homemade appetizers, you will want people to realize they are homemade, which might mean adding a special garnish or ensuring the shapes are slightly irregular so people know you have made them. Homemade appetizers are always more charming than store-bought ones, because they are fresher, tastier and they have been made with love and care.

Perhaps you are thinking about making pies, in which case you might like to add a pastry shape on top of each one, maybe in the shape of a leaf of even the initial of someone’s name if you want to personalize the snacks further. You can also make little labels if you are preparing dishes for a buffet, with the name of the dish on each one, or plan a color scheme for any garnishes, plates or the table decorations.

If you just want to make something simple though, there is no need to get fancy. Perhaps you are making a chili or some sliders during Superbowl season, in which case something as simple as some of your favorite cheese grated over the top of your chili or adding some spice to your slider patties can make them personalized and give them a special touch.

Making appetizers should be an enjoyable experience, so pick out the appetizers you think you will have fun making, and that way you can be sure of choosing something which is going to work. Coming up with a good range of appetizers and matching them to the guests so everyone gets something they like ensures that whatever you do end up making is going to be memorable for all the right reasons.


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