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How to Make Easy Party Appetizers Like a Pro

You might think a professional chef only makes complicated fancy appetizer recipes but that is not the case. Making appetizers like a pro just means choosing which appetizers will suit the occasion and preparing them with care.

Whichever easy party appetizers you decide to make, there are a few golden rules you should follow if you want the very best results. Whether you are a keen home cook or a complete beginner, the following tips should help you to make great appetizers time after time.

When to Follow Recipes and When to Be Creative

If you are making an appetizer for the first time, it is a good idea to follow the recipe closely. If the recipe calls for two teaspoons of curry powder, use two teaspoons of curry powder. All our easy party appetizers are time tested and the recipes are deliberately simple to follow, since not everybody is a seasoned chef.

If you want to change any part of the recipe or substitute ingredients, that is up to you. It might work or it might not. Do not experiment too wildly with a classic recipe if you are making it as your only appetizer for thirty people! If it goes wrong you will not have anything to give them.

Being inventive and creative can be rewarding. You can usually change little details of recipes without a problem. If you are making two hot dip recipes and you want to add a little chili to one of them, go for it. If the recipe calls for a mint leaf garnish and you think cilantro would go even better, do it. It is best to follow recipes closely if you are new to making easy party appetizers though, just so you know how they will come out.

If you are used to making appetizers and other recipes, feel free to alter anything you like. Our recipes can either be used to make delicious appetizers or to give you the inspiration to try out new ideas.

Picture Perfect Presentation

Couple Cooking AppetizersAll recipes are about presentation as well as flavor but this applies more to appetizers more than any other course. Your appetizers are the first food your guests will see. If they enjoy the look, smell and flavor of the appetizers, they will be excited about the main meal too. Appetizers are a taste of what is to come, so taking a bit of care with the presentation is recommended.

If you have eaten at a top restaurant, you will have noticed that simple garnishes and decorations are used more than highly fancy ones. There is a reason for this. If you think about it, the more garnish and decoration on one dish, the more someone has handled the food, so keep the presentation simple yet appealing.

If you are serving celery or cucumber spears to dip in a salsa, chop the pieces the same size and length. Whether you are serving seafood appetizers or other easy party appetizers, use nice plates. Little things like this make all the difference.

The key to making appetizers like a pro is choosing appetizer recipes you are comfortable with. Do not make something too ambitious. Easy party appetizers can be every bit as delicious and impressive as elaborate ones and the fact that you are taking the time to make a homemade appetizer is enough to impress all your guests.

Couple Cooking Appetizers

This photo shows a young couple making easy party appetizers together. If you start your appetizers in plenty of time, you will not have to worry about anything. There are many make ahead appetizers that you can prepare in the morning and keep in the refrigerator until your guests arrive in the evening. This applies to both chilled appetizers and hot appetizer recipes, which just need to be popped in the oven for ten minutes to warm up. Decide in advance which appetizers to make and check if you have all the ingredients, and then simply follow one of our easy party appetizers recipes.


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