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Gourmet Appetizers for Special Occasions

Appetizers range from the very simple and basic to gourmet delights, but what is a gourmet appetizer exactly? Gourmet food is usually made from the best quality ingredients and is presented in an attractive way. You might want to make a few gourmet appetizers for a buffet, to use as a centerpiece on the buffet table, or you might want to serve a complete gourmet meal if you are having a dinner party.

Gourmet appetizers can include seafood appetizers like shrimp appetizers, lobster appetizers or crab appetizers. They can be cold summer appetizer recipes, fancy appetizer recipes, or even simple appetizers made with tasty ingredients. If you are catering for a special occasion, the most important thing is to match your appetizers to your guests’ tastes.

Meat appetizers, fish appetizers, seafood appetizers, poultry appetizers, and vegetarian appetizers can all be considered “gourmet” as long as you take care when making them, to make them as delicious as possible and also as attractive as possible. If you are having a small dinner party with only a few guests, you will have time to make a few elaborate dishes. If you are catering for a big buffet or party, you might want to make several gourmet appetizers and also some easier make ahead dishes, unless you have plenty of time or plenty of help in the kitchen!

Examples of Gourmet Appetizers

A gourmet appetizer can refer to pretty much anything, which looks and tastes good. As long as you use the best ingredients you can find, and that means the best cuts of meat, the freshest produce, and perfect garnishes, you should be able to make delicious gourmet appetizer recipes.

You can serve mushroom vol-au-vents using exotic mushrooms or goat cheese and tomato canapés with fresh basil. You might want to serve a chicken salad or crab salad, made with fresh herbs, or hot dip recipes. To keep them truly gourmet style, use fresh produce rather than frozen vegetables. If you want to make a hot artichoke dip or a hot spinach dip, use the freshest and best produce you can get to keep the flavors top notch.

Seasonal produce is great to use for the best and most easy party appetizers. If fresh berries are in season, you can make gourmet dishes with those. If you are having a party in the winter time, what about using some seasonal winter vegetables to make delicious dishes or even some gourmet soup recipes?

Adding a Gourmet Touch to Appetizers

Perhaps you are having a Superbowl party or a casual get-together, in which case you might want to serve traditional food with a gourmet twist. If you think your guests would like mini hamburgers, what about using ground lamb instead of ground beef, to make the burgers, and blue cheese or feta cheese instead of a processed cheese slice? This would be a way to make gourmet appetizers but still serve something familiar and classic.

Gourmet appetizers are nice with simple garnishes. Fresh herbs, roasted nuts, grated cheese and thin slices of cucumber can all make nice garnishes, depending on which appetizers you are serving. A simple sprig of parsley or cilantro can turn an attractive appetizer into one that looks very elegant.

If you serve gourmet appetizers at a dinner party, remember that your guests are then going to be expecting gourmet entrees to match!


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