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Dinner Party Appetizers and Buffet Appetizers

There are many easy party appetizers, which work well at a buffet, garden party, cookout, cocktail party, or dinner party, but there are others, which are more suited to one or two of these events only. Delicate canapés and elaborate, fancy appetizer recipes are traditionally served at cocktail parties but you can also use them to decorate a buffet table.

If you want to serve something that needs to be eaten with cutlery, this would be better for a dinner party or at least an event where people can sit down at a table to eat. People at cocktail parties and buffets often have to stand because there are not enough seats for everyone or because they want to move around the room, talking to different people.

This makes it more difficult to eat fiddly food, messy food or food, which requires a knife and fork or a spoon. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, and you might want to serve steaming mugs of chili (with plastic spoons) to your Superbowl party guests. You can also serve finger food at a dinner party but of course, it is also good form to serve napkins.

There are lots of ingredients you can use for any kind of party. You might be wondering how to make appetizers using French bread. For a buffet, you could make ham and cheese topped bread slices. For a dinner party you might want to offer the warmed French bread around with garlic mayonnaise or butter.

Easy Party Appetizers for a Buffet

There are hundreds of great appetizer recipes you can make if you are having a buffet. This includes classic party appetizers like mini hot dogs, pigs in blankets, vegetable crudités with dip recipes, salads, egg rolls, mini sandwiches and more.

Dinner Party Appetizers and Buffet AppetizersYou might like to make a selection of hot appetizer recipes and maybe think of some cold appetizer recipe ideas too. Mixing and matching works well with buffets, where people like to have plenty of choice. You can serve various things to dip with a variety of dip recipes because some people will choose one dip, some will choose another and some might prefer appetizers without the dips.

Offer a selection of appetizers and people will love that they have plenty of choice. This is easier if you use make ahead appetizers, else you will find that you have too much to do at the last minute.

The Best Appetizers for a Dinner Party

The appetizers are a very important part of a dinner party because they are the first food your guests will see and eat. If they enjoy the appetizers, they will be excited about the rest of the meal. You can try seafood appetizers like shrimp appetizers or crab appetizers, if you want to impress your guests.

Fancy appetizer recipes have a place at dinner parties and if you are having a dinner party for four guests, this is easier that catering for a buffet for fifty guests because you will have more time to concentrate on choosing the best appetizer recipes and making them look stunning.

If your guests are going to be seated, as is the case with dinner parties, you can serve something, which would be messy at a cocktail party. Soups, appetizers in a sauce, salad recipes and more are all dinner party appetizer options. Dip recipes might be more suitable for a buffet or a more casual event but you can serve a little dip or sauce alongside the appetizers if you want to.


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