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Appetizers That Don't Have to Be Refrigerated or Heated

If you are looking for appetizers, which are good at room temperature, there are quite a lot of easy party appetizers to choose from. You might not always want to serve hot appetizer recipes or an ice-cold appetizer. If you are having a buffet and food is going to be sitting around for hours, there are some foods, which will not do well. If you are having a garden party and serving food outdoors, you will not want to serve anything that is going to melt or taste bad when it gets warm.

It is also important to think about food safety. You might like shrimp appetizers but seafood appetizers should not be left at room temperature for hours and nor should meat or fish. Why not serve the seafood appetizers and chilled appetizers first, so when a lot of the guests have finished eating appetizers, some of the others can still find some room temperature food to nibble on? Serving the seafood appetizers and other summer appetizer recipes early mean that they will not be sitting around for a long time.

Appetizers Which are Good at Room Temperature

The obvious choices for appetizers that do not have to be refrigerated or heated are chips, olives, cheese, fruit and nuts but maybe you wanted to make something a little more special.

A lot of Greek foods, including Greek appetizers, are traditionally served at room temperature. A selection of cold cuts and cheeses is a good appetizer, most cured meats, and cheeses actually taste better at room temperature. If you are short on refrigerator space or oven space, why not make a meat and cheese platter, decorated with some tomato wedges, fruit slices, and olives?

You can season pretzels, bread, or nuts and serve these in bowls. These are good hot, warm or cold. Cheese-stuffed dried apricots, dates or cherry tomatoes are nice appetizers, which are fine at room temperature for a couple of hours. A big bag of tortilla chips feeds a lot of people, although you might need to keep the dip in the refrigerator until you serve them.

Macaroni salad does not need to be refrigerated just before serving it, nor does rice salad. You should throw out any leftovers though, if these salads are sitting at room temperature. Somebody might dip a spoon into one appetizer, then use it in another so things can get a bit mixed up towards the end.

Sweet Appetizers

If you want to serve some sweet appetizers that do not have to be refrigerated or heated, there is plenty of scope. Cookies, miniature fruit tarts, pastries, and Russian teacakes are all good.

Most candies do not need to be kept refrigerated but remember chocolate melts in hot weather. Finger jello is another good standby and you can add nuts and fruit to it to make a jello salad.

If refrigerator space is at a premium, there are plenty of appetizers that do not have to be refrigerated or heated to choose from. Having bread, cheese, nuts and fruit on standby is always a good idea, in case you run out of hot appetizer recipes and chilled ones.


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