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Appetizer Shrimp – How to Serve

Shrimp appetizers are always popular at parties but many people wonder about appetizer shrimp recipes and how to serve them. Actually, there are quite a few options, depending whether you want to make shrimp flavored appetizers such as shrimp toasts or a crab and shrimp dip, or whether you want to make something more strongly flavored. There are lots of king prawn recipes you can make if you want something especially impressive.

King prawns and tiger prawns can be marinated or cooked in a sauce. You can make shrimp or prawn kabobs if you are having a cookout or a fourth of July party. You can also make lots of easy party appetizers, which are also make ahead appetizers. What about a shrimp and avocado salad or easy curried shrimp dip with chips?

Cold Shrimp Appetizer Recipes

There is plenty of scope for shrimp appetizers and if you want to make some quick and easy buffet food, you can spread cream cheese on some toast triangles or crackers and top them with chopped shrimp. Shrimp salad is also popular and there are lots of shrimp salad recipes, which are great for parties.

You can combine shrimp with mayonnaise or another kind of salad dressing and use it to fill baked potato skins or to top crackers. Creamy shrimp mixtures are also nice to top a layered salad recipe or they can be used as dips.

Hot Shrimp Appetizer Recipes

Battered, deep fried shrimp is one of the most mouthwatering and easy party appetizers ever. Everyone loves deep fried shrimp and you can get creative with dip recipes if you are serving these. Grilled shrimp kabobs are wonderful too and the aroma of these cooking will spark everyone’s interest.

You might want to combine hot with cold and you can do this by serving hot shrimp or prawns on a cool, crisp salad or by serving a cool, creamy shrimp dip in hot potato skins. There are lots of tasty dips you can serve with hot shrimp recipes too and you can choose from sweet, savory, creamy, or tangy dips because all of these go nicely with the shrimp flavor.

International Shrimp Appetizers

You can use shrimp to make Chinese dim sum recipes like Chinese dumplings or egg rolls and they are also good marinated in aromatic herbs or spices and served with pita bread. Shrimp has a very distinctive taste and it goes well with all kinds of cuisines. You can also substitute other fish or meats for shrimp in your appetizer recipes.

For example, if you are following a recipe for simple canapés topped with smoked chicken and cheese, why not make half of them with shrimp and cheese instead? If you want to serve some shrimp appetizers and seafood appetizers along with all your other appetizer recipes, you can get creative and use shrimp however, you think it would look and taste good.

Shrimp is a great ingredient to use in your appetizer recipes and it is so versatile. You can pair shrimp with the softest, creamiest sauce or dip. You can pair it just as well with hot, spicy ingredients. Shrimp looks good and tastes amazing and shrimp appetizers are a great idea, whatever type of party or get-together you are catering for.


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