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An Introduction to Easy Party Appetizers Recipes

If the prospect of having to make appetizers fills you with fear, you can relax. If you are imagining little elaborate treats, made by spending hours fiddling with ingredients and making complicated garnishes, think again. Appetizers can be as easy or as tricky as you want them to be.

Yes, of course there are complicated appetizers. We have all been to parties and seen elaborate centerpieces, carved garnishes and food that looks too artistic to eat but not all appetizers have to be that way. The definition of an appetizer is something to fire up your appetite. If the main course is an hour away but your stomach is rumbling, an appetizer is a small amount of food to take the edge off your hunger without spoiling your appetite for the main meal.

How Easy Can Easy Appetizer Recipes Be?

If you think of an appetizer as a little snack, pretty much anything can be regarded as one. A cube of cheese is an appetizer. A spear of asparagus is an appetizer. Even a handful of peanuts is an appetizer!

If you have guests coming over, you might want to serve them something a little more impressive than a chunk of cheddar and a couple of peanuts, which is why learning a few easy party appetizers is such a great idea.

Maybe you want to make a cold appetizer recipe like shrimp appetizers or seafood appetizers. You do not need to make fancy appetizer recipes but these are simpler than you might anticipate.

How to Serve Easy Party Appetizers

In order to make easy party appetizers, which look and taste good, you will need to think about what your guests will like. If family or close friends are coming over, you will probably be aware of most of their likes and dislikes. If you have an assortment of guests, you might like to make a few different appetizers. Do you want to make summer appetizer recipes or hot holiday appetizer recipes?

Perhaps one of the guests is a vegetarian and another is allergic to seafood appetizers. This is why it is always prudent to make several different appetizers or at least a couple of different ones if you are serving the appetizers buffet-style or if the host is going to be walking around the room, offering them to people. If you are doing this, finger food is obviously better than messy food, which is liable to drip.

If you are serving the appetizer at the table, maybe you can also have bread, butter, nuts and olives on the table so people can nibble at those as well as the appetizer or instead of the appetizer you are serving. This is also a good idea because different people eat different amounts. There might be a woman with a naturally small appetite who ate a couple of hours ago. Next to her might be a big man who has not eaten in several hours and will want the appetizer and a couple of bread rolls to fill him up before the main course arrives.

Being a good host is about anticipating the needs and desires of your guests and using good judgment is a great way to make sure your guests have a wonderful time. Great food, as well as a good atmosphere, is what makes a gathering special and appetizers are the first food to be served so they will pave the way to a successful gathering or party and start the event off perfectly.


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