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A Few Appetizers Facts

Did you know that the Persians were the first race to start the tradition of serving appetizers, more than two thousand years ago? Ancient Persian appetizers bear little resemblance to the easy party appetizers seen at modern get-togethers but it is an interesting fact nonetheless, and you can impress your guests with this piece of information as you serve your fancy appetizer recipes.

Have you eaten tapas? Tapas simple means appetizers in Spanish and there is an interesting story to this word. The word “tapa” is thought to have been invented when King Alfonso X had to nibble food with wine between meals, due to sickness. When he was better, he made a law that wine was only to be served in an inn if food was served with it, to avoid drunkenness.

A heavy fat-rich meal was hard to digest and meant the Spanish workers had to take a siesta before getting back to work. Enjoying a few tapas and a glass of wine meant they could get straight back to work after their lunch.

The Spanish siesta might still be practiced but in the rest of the world appetizer traditions have changed. Exotic appetizers are popular in the United States and Europe. Chinese shrimp appetizers, Thai chicken appetizers and colorful Mexican appetizers are just as likely to make an appearance at a buffet as more traditional appetizers like chicken wings, cheese, and vegetable crudités. There are thousands of easy party appetizers, including both hot appetizer recipes and chilled appetizers that are suitable for all kinds of parties and get-togethers.


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