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9 Killer Apps to Make Your Superbowl Party a Success

A Superbowl party is always a lot of fun, and you can expect everyone to be in high spirits. Whatever kind of party you are having though and however many people you invite, one thing is sure, and that is everyone will be hungry for appetizers! Making Superbowl-friendly food is easy and there are plenty of delicious dishes to choose from. Aim for simplicity, choosing finger food or simple cheese or meat-based snacks over anything complicated or fiddly.

Superbowl is the time to serve a hot, spicy homemade chili or make some onion rings or sliders. A big platter of nachos always goes down well and you can be sure everyone will finish off all the chips and dips, especially if you try one of our homemade dip recipes like queso blanco or Mexican 7-layer dip.

Snacks that require no cooking such as nuts and popcorn are also good, and you can offer a range of snacks both homemade and packaged. Plan ahead and then you can make some of the snacks ahead and serve those along with anything that just needs to come out of the package, plus your chili from the pot on the stove, some nachos from the oven, or whatever else you have timed to be ready just as the game is starting. Figure out what to make in advance and get the ingredients, then you can work out the other details later, so everyone can expect some finger-licking treats. You will also need some beverages.

You do not need to be over-ambitious and plan to make every dish on our list, but we have hand-picked a few of our favorites to inspire you and give you some ideas. Depending how many people are coming and what kind of food everyone likes, you might like to make a couple meat dishes, some kind of breaded snacks with a dip, a vegetarian dish (just in case!) and then also have some chips, dips and nuts as backup. That is one idea anyway. Read on to discover some of the best Superbowl appetizers you can make. You will be pleasantly surprised to realize just how quick and easy they are.

Superbowl Party Appetizers

Infograph showing 9 appetizers designed to get the big game of to a wonderful start even before kickoff. Impress your guests with any of these and they’ll be happy no matter the outcome on the field. Layout for quick reference to what you need to know…

These are the links to the recipes above for a full recipe write up and for printable version along with the ability to get grocery list and nutritional info for each with the button in the sidebar. These recipes all come from our site. So enjoy the food and the game.

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