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Romantic Appetizer Recipe for Two

Romantic Appetizer Recipe for Two People

Now you can make a romantic appetizer recipe for two people on Valentines day and other romantic events. Anniversary dinners and other special occasions call for romantic appetizer recipes that serve two people. Intimate dinners are perfect for serving your favorite romantic appetizers. Champagne and strawberries and asparagus wrapped in bacon make great holiday appetizer recipes for two on Valentines day or Christmas dinners. Find easy romantic appetizer recipes for couples for every special occasion.

Romantic Appetizer for Two

Planning a romantic evening for two? Then you’ll surely want an easy romantic appetizer for two. Something simple but very delicious. This easy romantic holiday appetizer recipe for two will be perfect.

It is so easy to prepare that anyone can make it and watch their loved one enjoy it.

The key to this recipe is in the perfectly ripe tomatoes with their juicy flavorful goodness. Mingled with the mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinegar olive oil it is divine.

One taste and your special someone will melt at your feet. The taste combination of the tomatoes and mozzarella pair together perfectly. Much the same as the hearts of two lovers joined in unity. Perfect and incomparable. A unity that belongs together… perfect in every way.

So be sure to make this perfect romantic holiday appetizer for two, light the candles and prepare to win his or her heart. Give him or her that first tasty bite and watch their eyes glow in appreciation of the flavors.

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How to Prepare Romantic Appetizer Recipe for Two
Summary: This recipe is so romantic, and delightfully easy to make. It features strawberries, champagne and lemon sherbet, and is sure to win the heart of your true love.
Cuisine: American
Recipe type: Appetiser
Serves: 2
Prep time: 
Total time: 
  • 2 pints hulled, sliced strawberries
  • 2 cups champagne or sparkling white wine
  • 1 pint lemon sherbet
  1. Drop scoops of the sherbet into 2 tall clear glasses.
  2. Top with strawberry slices, then pour in champagne or sparkling wine until filled.
  3. Serve immediately.

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Strawberries are one of the best-known Valentine’s Day ingredients, and chocolate also comes to mind when thinking about this special date, along with savory items such as seafood, asparagus, and anything delicate and extra-special. This recipe is a beverage though, although the addition of sherbet and strawberries makes it hearty enough to be called an appetizer instead. You can see the strawberries in the picture, and now you can imagine combining them with champagne and lemon sherbet, to make a wonderful and special appetizer which your sweetheart is going to adore.

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