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Whole Lobe Goose Foie Gras with Sakura Cress

If you are looking for fancy appetizer recipes as well as the best holiday appetizer recipes, what about using foie gras to make something classic and mouthwatering? The following recipe has only four ingredients, making it one of our most easy appetizer recipes. So what is foie gras exactly? Foie gras is goose or duck liver and it has a wonderful flavor. The liver of the bird is specially fattened via force-feeding of corn. Outside of France, natural feeding is sometimes used instead. Foie gras is a French delicacy. Its flavor is buttery, delicate and rich, making it quite unlike the flavor of regular goose liver or duck liver pate. You can get whole foie gras or foie gras parfait or mousse.

Foie gras dates back to 2500 BC. The ancient Egyptians used to force-feed birds to fatten them up. Foie gras is very popular all over the world today, especially in France, China and the United States. Easy party appetizers with foie gras might be very simple ones, like the following recipe, where the foie gras is spread over bread or crackers and decorated with a simple garnish, or it might be seared and served with a sauce. There are lots of foie gras recipes and whether you are using duck or goose foie gras, this might be a nice ingredient to use for fancy appetizer recipes. You can make very simple recipes using whole lobe goose foie gras or another kind.

The garnish for this goose foie gras appetizer recipe is sakura cress, which is a dark purple cress. This coloration is caused by a compound called “anthocyanin” which is actually quite nutritious and is an antioxidant. Anthocyanin protects against some cancers as well as coronary disease and it can improve cholesterol levels. So when you serve this delicious appetizer recipe with foie gras, you are giving your guests something healthy as well as flavorful. Sakura cress is from Japan originally and it tastes a bit like black radish.

Easy Four Ingredient Foie Gras Canapés
Summary: You only need 4 ingredients to make this exquisite French appetizer. Featuring foie gras, toast, vinegar and a splash of balsamic vinegar, this appetizer proves that simple is sometimes best.
Cuisine: French
Recipe type: Fancy Appetizer
Serves: 12
Prep time: 
Total time: 
  • 6 oz foie gras terrine
  • 3 slices lightly toasted bread
  • 4 cups sakura cress
  • balsamic vinegar, as needed
  1. Cut 12 rounds out of bread using cookie cutter and the same out of foie gras terrine.
  2. Top each bread round with a foie gras round.
  3. Drizzle a serving platter with zig-zags of balsamic vinegar and arrange the foie gras topped bread rounds on it.
  4. Garnish each one with some sakura cress and serve immediately.

Photo Description:

This is a very simple recipe. Would you believe you could make such an elegant looking appetizer recipe with just four ingredients? Foie gras is a really special ingredient to use if you want to make holiday appetizer recipes which are impressive as well as delicious. The sakura cress finishes these goose foie gras appetizers off perfectly, adding a splash of color as well as an exciting flavor. This whole lobe goose foie gras appetizer recipe is very special and makes a wonderful first course if you are having a dinner party, or centerpiece if you are catering for a buffet. If you want exciting and unusual holiday appetizer recipes, this one is worth considering.

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