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Unique Party Appetizer Recipes

Make your own unique party appetizer recipes to wow your guests. Unique and modern recipes for appetizers that will put a whole new spin on your party. Party appetizers that no one else is going to have and that your guests are going to rave over. Make delicious recipes for unique party appetizers that everyone is going to love like our new asparagus guacamole and other spins on classic favorites. The best unique party appetizer recipes for 2013.

Unique Party Appetizer Recipes

This unique party appetizer is perfect for your next party. Completely perfect for a new taste sensation that your guests will love. Creamy and delicious Asparagus makes a Guacamole appetizer that is out of this world. Your guests will rave over the perfect taste sensation.

It’s easy to prepare and very colorful too. Best served really cold with crackers on the side. Provide a tall glass of cold Irish Beer and you have the beginnings of an excellent party.

This can easily be made well in advance and kept chilled until time to serve. Serve this very colorful tasty Guacamole in a clear serving bowl for optimal presentation and watch as guests migrate to this tasty Asparagus Guacamole appetizer.

You’ll want to be sure to make plenty of these tasty appetizers and provide plenty of crackers. Guests will devour this appetizer quickly and be searching for more.

It’s truly best if served with just a bit of chunkiness and crunch to taste. The seasonings infuse while chilling and makes this unique appetizer an award winner!

Do You Have a Favorite Unique Party Appetizer?

Modern and Unique Party Appetizer Recipes
Summary: This unusual dip is made with asparagus, avocado, garlic, tomato, green onion, tomato, and cilantro. Cook the asparagus then blend with the other ingredients and serve the dip chilled.
Cuisine: Mexican
Recipe type: Dip
Serves: 4
Prep time: 
Total time: 
  • Flesh of ½ an avocado
  • 24 spears fresh asparagus, trimmed and coarsely chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 chopped tomato (no seeds)
  • 4 sliced green onions
  • ½ cup salsa
  • 1 tablespoon chopped cilantro
  1. Boil the asparagus for 5 minutes in salted water, until tender but still firm.
  2. Drain and rinse with cold water.
  3. Put the asparagus, salsa, cilantro, tomato, garlic, avocado and green onions in a food processor or blender, and process to desired consistency.
  4. It can be as thick and chunky or as smooth as you want.
  5. Refrigerate for an hour before serving.

Photo Credit: Guacamole @ iron cactus by PetroleumJelliffe, on Flickr

Photo Description:

A tasty dip is a worthy addition to any buffet table or party, and using fresh ingredients to make a dip ensures a lovely result. Similar to guacamole yet with the addition of asparagus for a different flavor and a brighter green color, this dip has lots of lovely Mexican flavors. The photo shows the guacamole if you blend it very little, for a chunkier result. Alternatively you can puree it as much as you wish, for a finer consistency, or even a completely smooth dip if you prefer. This is great with tortilla chips or potato chips, and the vivid green color is immediately appetizing.


“Guacamole – Authentic Mexican Guacamole Recipe”

Step by Step Instructions for Making Guacamole Mexican Style


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