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Mixed Fresh Fruit Kebab Appetizers

This appetizer can be made ahead of time which is always appreciated when hosting a get together where you want as much time as possible to spend with your guest instead of stuck in the kitchen all night making appetizers. It is also a very visually appealing appetizer that is great no matter what age your guest are so this is as good for adults as kids and they will enjoy it too.

You can very up the fruit depending on what is in season just try and very your colors so you end up with a mixture of color for visual appeal reasons. It could easily be switched for any other fruits you like. I used wild strawberries as they need no preparation as they are already bite sized and also pack superior flavor in my opinion.

Some variations on this theme are also possible you could easily add in some cubed Monterey jack or Colby cheese. Also if you like look at our dip section this would be nice with a nice marshmallow dip or even a caramel dip would be nice but is purely optional as the fruit is all sweet enough on its own. I would steer away from using bit sized pieces of meat if having a summer party as these are troublesome on keeping cool so you don’t get anyone sick. So if you are looking for an appetizer that will work with any age group, be refreshing on a hot day, and can be made ahead of time this would be a great choice.

Fruit Kebab Appetizers
Summary: Everyone loves fresh fruit especial when nice and cold on a hot day this will be a very appreciated and light appetizer that will hold people over without filling them up too much.
Cuisine: American
Recipe type: Appetizer
Serves: 10
Prep time: 
Total time: 
  • Fresh wild strawberries
  • Fresh green seedless grapes
  • Fresh blackberries
  • Fresh kiwi, peeled and sliced then quartered
  • Fresh cantaloupe, in small pieces (peeled and seeded)
  • Fresh mango, in small pieces (peeled and pitted)
  • Wood skewers
  1. Wash all fruit under cold water and allow to drip dry in a colander.
  2. Start by preparing a bowl of each fruit into small bite sized pieces so they are easily eaten.
  3. Lay the bowls out in this order blackberries, grapes, strawberries, kiwi, mango and melon.
  4. Working down the line center a piece of fruit on a skewer and slid it down to make room for next piece.
  5. Do one at a time until each skewer has a piece of each fruit and place on a serving tray.
  6. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and refrigerate until your event.
  7. Remove from fridge remove plastic wrap and place out for your guest when party starts refrigerate any unused fruit.

Photo Description:

This is a quick and easy make ahead cold appetizer that is great for a cook out or summer party. It is light and sweet and has a lot of visual appeal and will be a hit especial with kids. It is really easy to make and can be made the mooring of the party and then just taken out of the refrigerator when your guest arrive so no need to be stock in the kitchen. It is also very versatile and will go with many different main courses and is a great casual appetizer.

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