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About Amazing Appetizer Recipes

Welcome to This site has recently been reworked and improved, featuring more content than ever before and offering better usability and more features for you.


My name is Christine and I would like to tell you a little more about myself, this site and our other food websites. One of the things I set out to do when I started my Internet business was to bring to Internet users a better experience than anything else they could find.

You see, as the mother of four incredible young boys, who are now young men, food always seems a big part of our lives. Let’s face it, guys love to eat (something any mom of teenage boys knows only too well!)

I was diagnosed with MS several years back and my ability to stand is one of those things that has been compromised. However, the guys still need quality food to eat and the need for good food is a paramount fact of life.

I’m no quitter and giving up and settling for pre-prepared ‘food’ out of a box just doesn’t cut it or live up to my need to feed them healthy and nutritious meals. I wanted this need to be reflected in all my websites because I found it very difficult to find anywhere else offering simple, nutritious, and appealing recipes.

Frankly, I’m ashamed at what some of my fellow entrepreneurs put out there. It’s about as good as the stuff in the boxes I refused to feed my family.

This is what I try to reflect in every food website I set out to build – plain, simple quality, from the articles on the home page to the recipes in the different categories inside. This is the same whether it is in one of our main course sites like or one of our dessert sites like


Appetizers are something we often do not think about until a special occasion turns up and all of a sudden panic sets in, as we wonder what we are going to do to tide our guests over until the main course is ready.

Of course, you can get boxes of pre-prepared appetizers from the store but is that really want you want to feed your guests? How impressed do you think they will be if you serve them junk out of a box instead of making an effort to put together some tasty morsels yourself?


You might not know it but there are hundreds of these recipes you can make, including hot and cold ones, summer appetizers and holiday ones too.

There are simple seafood dishes to choose from, such as shrimp appetizers, which even a beginner cook will find simple. There are also plenty of make-ahead ones, which might be a cold recipe or one to pop in the oven when your guests start to arrive.
Appetizers are important because they start off any get-together or party in style. These little snacks give your guests something to nibble on until the main course is ready and they help to whet the guests’ appetites for the main event.


Amazing Appetizers started out as and was founded in May of 2008. With an initial site design and a small site, we put it on the back burner until November of 2009, when we decided to take a major new approach to each and every site we run. In the summer of 2013, we felt it was time for a facelift and an expanded site with increased user functionality, as well as search engine and user enhancements in store, and we set out to make the best appetizer site on the net.

Actually, we have taken more than a hundred sites offline and focused on a core group of food sites which we have set out to make true authority sites on each and every category we cover. We couldn’t do that without addressing appetizers, because they are just too important to a successful dinner party or gathering to leave to chance.

We decided to make a major investment into new content, a new, upgraded, entirely WordPress-based CSS design, and pages loaded with even more content than ever before.

Each recipe page has over five hundred words of totally unique recipe content and specialty food content along with exclusive appetizer articles with the unique food perspective of a very talented group of writers, foodies and cooks who have put their all into bringing the best possible food content to the web. Hundreds of hours of research and writing, design and coding have gone into every page of this site and others that we run.

We hope you are pleased with the results we have achieved. If you are, then why not pass the site around at your favorite social bookmark site and let others know what you have discovered?

We truly appreciate your votes and it helps us concentrate on what we do best – provide all the best food content and the recipes you love to cook.

Thanks for visiting,
Christine and Everyone here at


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