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Whatever the occasion, serving tasty appetizers is the perfect way to get the party started. With a little thought, the right recipes, and some careful preparation, you can create gourmet nibbles in the comfort of your own kitchen. Making amazing appetizers at home is easy. Now you can make dips, dumplings, nibbles, nuts, salsas, soups, spreads, tarts, wraps and much more at home within minutes.

Home chefs all over the world are combining exotic flavors and using their culinary skills as well as their imagination to create some of the most breathtaking and mouthwatering dishes. Appetizers do not have to be fiddly or difficult to make and neither do they have to be boring.

Plan your menu according to the type of gathering, have fun, use your imagination and you will leave your diners in awe. If you are going to be creating appetizers for a big party, it is a good idea to do as much of the planning and preparation as possible beforehand.

For the recipe for this picture see: Refreshing Pear and Prosciutto Appetizer presents a growing collection of truly wonderful, time-tested, easy to prepare bites, which are certain to please any crowd.


Appetizers are exactly as the word suggests – appetizing snacks. They are served between the time your guests arrive and the time the main meal is served and are meant to keep your guests happy while they wait for the food. These little snacks are not supposed to fill your guests up, but they are meant to take the edge off their hunger and be something to munch on while the first drinks are served.

Appetizers, which are known as canapés or hors d’oeuvres in French or starters in British English, can also be served instead of a meal. Perhaps you have attended a cocktail party or reception and been offered nibbles and drinks only. Appetizers might be served at the dinner table or they might be passed around by the host. At a cocktail party there might be bowls or plates of these little snacks placed around the room for people to help themselves to.


Appetizers can refer to many different types of snacks. They can be sweet, salty, spicy or a mixture of these. They can be hot, chilled or room temperature. There are cold recipes like shrimp or seafood appetizers, and cold cuts.

There are light, refreshing summer appetizer recipes as well as elaborate and fancy ones, or tasty hot ones made with beef, pork, cheese and more for you to choose from. Some are served on little squares of toast or bread and others might be secured with a toothpick. Some appetizers are finger foods and for others your guests will need a fork.


The type of appetizer recipes you make depends on the gathering. If you have a combination of adults and children, you might want to provide different appetizers than if you had just adults. Before you start making them, you need to ask yourself a few questions. How many people will there be? How many of them might be vegetarian? Do any of your guests have allergies?

What is the main meal going to be? If you are going to serve roast beef as the main meal, you will not want to make a roast beef appetizer. Spend a few moments considering the group you are going to cater for and you can pick out the best dishes to make.


We have recently changed the name of this site and we are in the process of performing a number of enhancements and upgrades, with plenty more to come, making this the perfect place to find every appetizer recipe you will ever need, whether you are looking for something in particular or simply browsing our comprehensive selection of appetizer ideas.


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Featured Appetizer Recipe:

Easy Gorgonzola Bacon Appetizer Recipe

Gorgonzola Bacon Appetizer

The best appetizers are those that make the mouth water in anticipation and these hot, salty bacon and cheese appetizers do just that. Bacon-wrapped nibbles are always popular and you can choose from scallop wrapped in bacon appetizers, a bacon wrapped prune appetizer, a recipe for bacon wrapped sausage appetizer and more. If you want to combine salty bacon with something sweet you could wrap the bacon around dates or banana chunks. Bacon-wrapped cheese is a great appetizer and you can use any kind of cheese you like.

Gorgonzola is an especially tasty cheese to use in this bacon appetizers recipe because it is naturally salty. It is also firm enough to hold its shape when heated. If you want to add some sweetness, feel free to put a small piece of banana in each appetizer. When you put the toothpicks through the cheese and bacon, make sure they go through the banana too, so the appetizers do not fall apart in the deep fryer. You might want to put two toothpicks through each one, in a cross shape, just to make sure. You can serve these appetizers with fresh toothpicks or let them cool down enough so people can use their fingers to pick them up.

This bacon appetizer recipe shows you how simple it is to make easy party appetizers with just a few ingredients. You only need cheese, bacon, and oil to make these and you can make them in five minutes. It is important to let this gorgonzola bacon appetizer rest for at least five minutes after cooking it. This is both so the fat can drain off and so they are not too hot for your guests to eat.


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